May 08, 2001

rowing, bondage, and other sex

Practice today was mostly drills, as expected on a Wednesday. I got swapped out
into the launch for half of it. While riding there with DI and Yosemite Sam, I got
the only feedback they gave me today, and it was conflicting, not to
mention the complete opposite of what YSam told me yesterday. Possibilities: a)
DI doesnÕt like me and it shows in his opinions; b) DI didnÕt look at me today and
is just repeating the last thing he noticed, which would have to be a few weeks
ago; c) YSam was on Ecstacy yesterday and thatÕs why he was so nice; d) I really
didnÕt have good body control today even though I did yesterday, possibly because
of fighting to keep the boat set during the drills we were doing. Probably d).

After practice, DI asked us to email him one suggestion to make
practice more fun – he even said we could do it anonymously. Ha. If I emailed him
anonymously there would be a hell of a lot more than one suggestion. Man, am I

Reading href="">BadsnakeÕs entry yesterday
struck a nerve. That sort of shocked me, because she was talking about the reason
she and Sara are so into BDSM, something in which IÕve never really had much
interest. What she said, though, was an exact, precise analogy to coxing a four or
n eight in a race; the rowers are in quite a bit of pain, but you know they deeply
want to get the fastest time of which theyÕre capable. ItÕs the coxswainÕs job to
help them dig down, fight through the pain, and pull out whatever theyÕve got in

That last phrase is unfortunately evocative of the time I got
puked on during a race.

In slightly related news, yesterday the
governor of my state signed a bill that repeals the "archaic sex laws". It is now
legal in this state to engage in oral sex, sodomy, and other non-procreational
sex, and to cohabitate outside marriage. Opponents claimed that repealing the law
would hurt the family, which I donÕt quite understand. Did they think that if anal
sex was illegal, all the gay men who were doing it would go off and find women and
happily make babies instead? (In the missionary position only, presumably.) Or
that heterosexual couples who had oral sex were less likely to conceive? Very
strange. Anyway, yÕall can come have sex in our state now. In any position you

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