May 04, 2001

a whole entry on not rowing

I didnÕt row again today. Actually, I got all the way there, then went back
home because I felt like crap. I feel better, after having caught an extra hourÕs
sleep. ThereÕs nothing terribly wrong with me, but in some ways, I think itÕs
better for me to play hookey occasionally.

We had a fairly major
change of weather last night, dropping the temperature a good 10 degrees F. (That
is, the projected high and low temps for today are expected to be about 10 degrees
lower than they were yesterday. Out here in the desert, thereÕs usually about 20-
30 degrees variation over the course of a day.) This usually goes along with a
substantial change in the barometric pressure, and I think thatÕs what causes the
postnasal drip that has me waking up a bit queasy. After IÕve been vertical a
while, and everything has drained, IÕm usually fine. And this is all probably more
than you wanted to know.

Now onto my justification for taking the day
off, when, after all, I wasnÕt all THAT sick. IÕve been rowing, on and off, for
about 11 years now. I expect to keep at it for the rest of my life, though
probably still on and off. Even with my former program, which was considerably
less intense than this one, I found I tended to get burned out after a while –
tired of working so hard at a sport, tired of getting up early and having to go to
bed so early, annoyed at the people I rowed with for one thing or another. Even
though IÕm serious about my sport, IÕm in it for the long haul, and I find that
taking the day off, when I feel like I just canÕt get into it, helps to put off
the time when I get seriously burned out and end up dropping out of the sport for
a longer period. There are a lot of people who will disagree with me on this,
possibly including my coaches, but this is what IÕve found works for me. ItÕs the
joy of rowing that carries me through the hard work, blisters, sore muscles, and
early mornings, and this is one way IÕve found to keep from losing

I will probably write another entry later today or tomorrow,
with some things IÕve been thinking about bubbles, wind, and trees, but I wanted
to keep my topics ontogeneous. (Is that a word?)

But I will make this late addition: I got my first Google hit! (Yahoo Google,
actually.) On April 5, I wrote, "The day I get my first Google referral will no
doubt be another big banner day." Amusingly enough, the hit was on that same
entry; I had also mentioned the Castle Boutique, our local non-sleazy-as-they-can-
manage-to-be sex store. I imagine the person looking for them was a bit
disappointed to find me, since, to quote href="">Mistress Sinister, "this is not that
kind of diary".

Posted by dichroic at May 4, 2001 08:03 AM
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