May 02, 2001

relative airlines

I was a bad, bad girl today -- didn't feel all that good, so I didn't go to
rowing. (I didn't feel all that bad either; I just shouldn't have had that
Frappucino late yesterday. The combination of lactose and caffeine is deadly for
me -- I've got a minor bit of IBS, though I will probably never want to discuss
that bit of personal information in detail here.) Of course, it turned out I
picked the wrong day to skip; as soon as I checked my mail, I found a note from
Coach DI saying that we would finally be videotaping today, as has been
promised for about the last 3 weeks. In a sport as precise as rowing, seeing
yourself on videotape can be an enormous aid to figuring out what you've been
doing wrong. We'll be taping again tomorrow, so I'll go then.

can't really expect my package from Amazon before tomorrow at the very earliest,
drat it. If I get it before Friday, the challenge will be in deciding which book
to take with me this weekend.

Last night I reserved plane tickets and
a hotel in Nashville for Memorial Day weekend! After reading of href=">Mechaieh's problems with
Travelocity, I booked the flight via Expedia, but just in case, I'll doublecheck
the flight booking today or tomorrow. We're expecting the worst anyway, as we're
reluctantly flying Northwest, an airline that has given us nothing but grief in
the past. However, their flights were $65 cheaper than the other airlines
(each) and were at more convenient times.

I have been flying
Southwest quite a bit lately, and found them as different from Northwest in every
way as their name suggests. True, they don't deliver any frills, but then they
never promise to do so. They tell you straight out that they will not be serving
food, and encourage you to bring your own; their web site lists exactly what size
bags may be carried on, as well as what does and does not count as a carry-on;
they tell you that you need to get there early because of the unassigned seating.
You know what to expect, and they deliver it every time, cheerfully. In ten
flights since January 2001, I have not once been more than a few minutes late.
Your mileage may vary, of course.

Posted by dichroic at May 2, 2001 09:59 AM
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