September 22, 2001

not camping

We were planning to go camping this weekend, up to the property to mark holes. In
case I didn't tell this story before, we dug about 10 holes -- hard work because
the soil is clay with rocks in it -- to plant pine trees. We were told it would be
best to plant in around February, since we're not up there much, so that the
spring rains (that we always hope for but don't always get) will keep the
seedlings alive. Rudder's theory was that we should dig this summer, so that we're
not trying to dig holes in frozen ground under snow. Then we filled the holes back
in with pine duff and cones, in case the very strict Homeowner's Association
doesn't approve of holes. Or at least so if anyone steps in them, they're less
likely to break a leg. We were thinking it might be a good idea to mark the holes,
in case they're under snow and impossible to see in February when we're ready to
plant trees, so I bought some long dowels for the purpose.

I should
state, at this point, that all of the above was Rudder's idea.

not good at dates though, and it turned out that this was the week someone he
works with was having a party that (I think) he really wants to go to, so we
stayed home after all. Next week is a local regatta, the week after that we have
company, the week after that may be Egret's bachelorette party, then we're
traveling to regattas four weekend in a row. By that point it will be time to get
ready for Thanksgiving. It's that time of year again.

The ironic
thing is that when we were planning to go camping, I was regretting that I
wouldn't be able to sleep in (impossible when you're in a sleeping bag on the
ground, for me at least). As soon as I found out we weren't going, I realized how
badly I'd wanted to get up in the pines, breathing cool and clean air. Never
satisfied, that's me.

Clueless is also me. I watched the telethon
last night and have no idea who about half the performers are. All the diva types,
especially, blended together -- who was the one who played piano? Was that
Springsteen in the beginning? Who was the guy later on that sounded sort of like
him, who had Neil Young playing back-up for him? And who was that who did
the nice cover of "Wish You Were Here" with the revamped lyrics? Took me back to
college parties, that one did.

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