September 19, 2001

Have a phenomenal New Year

Practice wasn't quite as good this morning -- we have to learn to keep our boat as
set in rippled water as we can when it's mirror smooth. But something Pigtails
said when she was coxing got me thinking. With apologies to Maya Angelou:

Taller women wonder where our secret lies

We're small and cute, not built to suit a standard rower's size.

But when we start to tell them,

they think we're telling lies.

We say, It's in the speed of our hands,

The control of our slide,

The force of our stroke,

The run of our glide.

We're women


Phenomenal woman rowers,

That's we.

Last night, I roasted a turkey breast, which turned out to be even easier
than roasting a whole turkey. There's almost no cleaning involved. I brushed the
skin with oil, sprinkled it with pepper, rosemary and bay leaves, and tucked a
couple of fresh basil leaves under the skin. At the last moment I decided to make
kasha and bowties to go with it, but was out of bowtie noodles, so I made kasha
and rotelle instead.

Note to self: flavored pasta does not enhance kasha.

As festive dinners go, it would have been better if Rudder hadn't gotten home from
work a little late. It's partly my fault for not telling him I would be cooking a
nice dinner, but he did know it was Rosh Hashanah. He's not Jewish, but he knows
enough to figure out that Pigtails and her husband invited us to Erev Rosh
Hashanah dinner on Monday, then Rosh Hashanah must be on Tuesday.

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