September 10, 2001

rowing as it should be

We appear to have finally gotten the rowing coaches to think of our lightweight
women's four as a team now, the way they do with Rudder and T2, because they've
put us in the boat together now every day for two weeks. Ahhhhhh....rowing as it's
meant to be, with a crew that fits together and works together, a whole boatful of
people paying attention and fixing whatever needs fixing. Again: ahhh.....

Today we had another woman, K, coxing us for the first half of
practice and rowing for the second half. Both halves went very well and we felt
stronger with her in the boat than with some of the others who have sat in with
us. She's not a lightweight, but not huge either (twenty pounds more than us
little people, that is, but not forty pounds more like a lot of the bigger women).
Our local race at the end of this month doesn't have a lightweight four category
anyhow, and Egret will be out of town for the race, so we've asked K to join us
for that. I need to come up with a better nom for her.

On Saturday, I
showed up to watch a volleyball tournament the rowing group was having. Since it
was held at 2PM, on an early September day in Phoenix, I decided that actually
playing would be unpleasant. Anyhow, I have this problem with volleyball: I don't
mind playing for a little while, but no one ever lets you stop. It's always, "You
can't go now! Just one more game! One more match! Best of three!" It's not that
I'm especially good at it, but many leagues or tournaments have rules about the
minimum number of women on a team. It was not infernally hot, though, and no one
got heat stroke. In fact, it was quite pleasant sitting in the shade with Egret,
Yosemite Sam, and his wife and son. I'd brought a bit of needlepoint, as well as
my usual book, and got teased for being such a domestic picture. But hey, I'm
unemployed. I need these little projects to gain a feeling of

Not much else new, except that I'm resolved to be a
bit more productive this week. I hope to finish the proposal for my book project
by the end of the week (or mostly, anyhow) and to check out the newspaper want ads
earlier in the week than I have been (though I do check online job ads daily).
Also I need to get my truck's tires rotated and oil changed. Sounds like an
exciting week, huh?

Posted by dichroic at September 10, 2001 04:59 PM
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