September 03, 2001

the divine Miss A.

This may be a short entry, because my fingers are a bit numb. I rowed just a titch
under ten KM in the single today, so they've earned the right to have no feeling
for a while. The rest of today will probably be spent doing very little.

I'm in a Jane Austen mood, having just read Stephanie Barron's
Jane and the Wandering Eye, a mystery in which Jane herself is the
detective. I didn't find it convincing enough to believe the narrator to actually
be Jane Austen, but it had an agreeable period flavor, a heroine with some insight
and a good helping of asperity, and quite a few Austen quotes. It has given me a
taste for more of the original, so I'm not reading a selection of letters to her
sister Cassandra, and will probably follow that up with a rereading of
Northanger Abbey or Mansfield Park. I've only read those once each,
not liking them nearly as well as Pride and Prejudice or Emma, or
even Persuasion, but the fault may be in myself rather than in my material,
so I will try again.

I may take up href="">Mistress Sinister's idea and
create a book review site, though I will probably not host it on Diaryland as I
want it to seem less like a journal and thus more accessible to those outside the
diary community. More on that if events warrant.

Posted by dichroic at September 3, 2001 04:59 PM
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