October 18, 2001

and so to.....

The Sudafed kicked in, and I did enjoy a nice, though short, hike as well as a lot
of conversation about being unemployed and job prospects (very few in my case, a
few more in hers, which is good, as I think she's much worse off financially).

I've about decided not to go see a doctor about whatever's wrong
with me, since basically all I have are stuffed-up sinuses, a minor sore throat,
and sore and swollen tonsils. I don't have any fever at all, which makes it more
likely this is a cold and less likely it's a sinus infection that a doctor could
do something about.

For the rest of today, I can either do some
cleaning, and work on my book proposal and book review project, or I can go back
to bed. Any guesses as to most probably outcome?

Posted by dichroic at October 18, 2001 04:59 PM
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