October 17, 2001

pizza, guilt, and erg times

Well, I felt enough better to go to rowing this morning, though I did ask to cox.
That turned out to be a good thing, because even though Wednesday is supposed to
be drill day, DI and YSam had us doing a 5000m race piece. Those two would be a
lot easier to deal with if they ever said one thing and then stuck to it; instead,
we never know what to expect. I think it's at least partially a memory issue, but
that's not all of it.

I was fairly impressed with how the women's
eight I was coxing did -- there was some real power in that boat. The set and
timing could have been better, but they could also have been much worse.
Unfortunately, the men's eight managed to collide with Rudder and T2's double.
Actually, the eight apparently had the right of way. It should b fixable in time
for our race in Austin, but Egret and I won't get our planned and desperately-
needed practice in tomorrow. With luck, we might get to row it

After the 5000m piece, we knocked off for the day. This meant
I didn't get to row at all, so I had to erg when I got home. Yuck. Interestingly,
I wasn't trying to pull all that hard because of being sick, but my time was only
about a minute over my best. A little more speed makes a big difference in

It turned out sending the extra beadwork in with Rudder was
a mistake. They chose to buy the necklace and earrings I'd made for myself, and
sent back the one I rushed to finish on Monday. Oops, bad decision on my part. I'm
not crazy about the one they didn't take, so I'll either take it apart and reuse
the beads or else try again to sell it closer to Christmas. I feel bad though;
Rudder gave them the necklace, and collected the money for it before the
company announced their planned layoffs. I'd offer to give the money back, but
they already presented the necklace to their boss. I imagine anyone laid off today
will be regretting his or her share in that present.

Tonight, instead
of the usual Wednesday night Mexican food outing, we're dragging T2 and Egret to
the opening party for a new brewpub, in the about-to-open mall down the road. It's
part of a chain, and we think we ate at one last time we were in Long Beach. Good
beer and good pizza, less than two miles away -- woohoo!

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