October 15, 2001


Practice this morning was wonderful -- I have no idea why, but the women's eight
was horrible on Wednesday and, with an only slightly altered lineup, wonderful
today. Even more amazingly, DI gave me a club T-shirt to replace the one he'd
asked me to give to someone who coxed one of our boats in the last San Diego Fall
Classic regatta. (We're now into training for this year's Fall Classic, which is
on November 11, so it's only been 11+ months.)

I feel like nesting
today, so scattered among today's errands I plan to make a brisket and attempt
some fudge. The brisket is easy -- throw it in a bag with lots of spices and beer,
some tomato sauce, and whatever else you think will work. put bag in a pan and
place in the over at 250 degrees. Come back in 6 hours.

however, is uncharted territory. I do have a thermometer left over from our beer-
making days that I think will work for candy. We gave up brewing when we moved
here, because in summer the house is too hot and the yeast dies, and in winter
we're usually busy every weekend, taking advantage of weather that lets us get
outside without melting. I need to make the fudge today to use up the cream I
bought before Mechaieh's visit, when I
thought of making scones for breakfast (this was before I realized I'd forgotten
to buy eggs). The Sell-by date was two days ago, so I figure I'd better use it

I also need to stop by the AAA to get a Trip-Tik for our
drive to Austin, and was plotting a stop at the bead store up that way. Is it too
silly if I make my brother and his girlfriend semi-matching necklaces for
Chanukah? What kind of beaded necklace would be appropriate for a guy, anyway?

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