October 05, 2001

boats, bars, and books

My body's going to *hurt* tomorrow. We did an impromptu head race (5000 meters)
today. We came in last (as expected, racing against a men's eight and a
heavyweight women's four) but not by much. However, Egret was coxing the men's
boat and Hardcore coxed us, so we had someone else sit in our boat, and the set
sucked. My side and shoulder are sore from trying to get my blade off the water.
It's probably not really the other person's fault; she's lightweight but tall, and
she and She-Hulk rowed on the same side (opposite me and little Pigtails) which
would tend to unbalance the boat.

Tonight, href="http://mechaieh.diaryland.com">Mechaieh comes to visit for the weekend
(Yay!) so today will involve shopping and a little more cleaning. Tomorrow we'll
go do something scenic then go out with my girls. Something like that, anyway --
we're taking Egret out to get her plastered (to deal with her approaching
marriage). I've already warned several of them that with Mechaieh along, we have
to talk about something other than rowing at least part of the time. Should be
fun, anyhow -- we've been talking about doing a Girl's Night Out sort of thing for
a long, long time.

Not much else going on. I've been doing almost
nothing on my writing projects, and need to get back to them. I tried reading a
book Paul West wrote on his writers' Master Class, but found it impenetrable. I've
been reading mostly gentle English-village sort of stuff -- Barbara Pym, Miss
Read, the Miss Seeton mysteries, some old Alicia Craig mysteries (Canadian
village, same idea).

That is all.

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