January 14, 2002

change crackling?

Every eon or two
The earth's magnetic poles exchange
North becomes south, south north
Or maybe a little west.

I imagine there is a feeling of tension
Before the poles move;
A crackling in the air,
Ionization of impending change.

The after the exchange,
A feeling of an end and a beginning,
Of a world made new.

And yet, the earth's greater motion is not altered.
It revolves around the sun
As it always did,
Deflecting not an iota from its accustomed path.

I feel that crackling in the air now
And I hope for change
While I hope (and think I know)
That the greater course of my life, my love
Is as constant though ever-moving
As the earth around the sun.

All of which is a fancy way to say I'm ready to go back to work now. I did feel that impending change in the last several months I was at work, and should have heeded it more closely. I thought my job was safe because I was directly billable, but didn't bargain with them changing the rules on me. (Silly me.) I'm hoping I feel that crackle in the air again that says things are about to change, this time toward full employment. I write about it here because I find, I really do, that things are more likely to happen if I voice them out loud. Unfortunately, I have never found a way to make them happen any sooner.
Meanwhile, I can't stay and write longer. In my current incarnation as Domestic Goddess, I have to hurry off and buy some supplies so I can get a pot of chili going before I have to go coach juniors this afternoon. More later, maybe, while the chili is cooking. At the very least, I'll probably come revise the lines above.
Posted by dichroic at January 14, 2002 04:59 PM
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