February 25, 2002

a sparse future

I'm writing this quickly before practice. Today will be hectic: rowing practice,
shower at the gym nearby, off to the new job for my first day, meet Rudder and the
tax person at 6 to go over our taxes. Unless I get out of work early (because I
have to go somewhere else to get drug-tested), I'll be out of the house from 4:30
AM to 7:30 PM. Oig.

Tomorrow, with luck, they'll let me out early to
run errands and get stuff done. (No, I'm not forgetting what a real job is like.
Because of the short notice to start, I was told I could work part-time the first
week.) So updates may be a bit sparse on the ground for the next few days.

Posted by dichroic at February 25, 2002 04:39 AM
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