February 23, 2002

excitement and ethanol

Wow. Yesterday was an eventful (and alcohol-filled) day. And all in a good

I was a little grumpy in the morning because I'd volunteered
(silly me) to pick up some cinderblock that the club is going to use to set up a
race course for March 10. (As I said before, it's my birthday, so they'd better
give me a medal!) they had found a place to buy them for $.60 each, a really
long way from the boatyard. I checked at a home-improvement place on the way home
and found they had the same blocks much cheaper, at a far more convenient
location. Even better, Dr. Bosun and her truck were available to help. We arranged
to meet at the boatyard at 11, with a few other people to help

Just about 5 minutes before I left, I got href="http://dichroic.diaryland.com/yay.html">the call offering me a new job,
starting Monday. (ulp!) I made a slight detour to pick up cheap champagne, which
we drank after getting all those blocks unloaded.

For the rest of the
afternoon, I planned to do all my pre-job errands -- oil change, haircut, and so
on. Those plans came to a speedy end when I got a phone call from T2: "Can you
come in an hour to be a witness when me and Egret get married?" (Ulp! again) So of
course I dropped everything, had Rudder paged, picked him up, ran a very quick
errand he insisted on doing, then sat around the courthouse for half an hour
waiting for a trial to be over. It wasn't the most romantic wedding I've ever
seen, but the judge had a very good ceremony (about waiting out the ebbs and flows
of a relationship, rather like my href="http://dichroic.diaryland.com/upanddown.html">sine wave theory) and the
expressions on the bride and groom's faces were as proud, and happy, and nervous,
and glistening as any I've seen at the most elaborately planned expensive

And then we all went to a local brewpub, met up with a bunch
of other rowers and drank much more.

Posted by dichroic at February 23, 2002 10:59 AM
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