February 11, 2002

war and temples

The War Museum was very well done, but we spent at least an hour longer there than
I'd have preferred. I was getting depressed (both by the tragedy of the Korean War
and the general idea of history since the Bronze Age as a development of new and
better ways to kill people). Rudder seemed interested in the minutiae of each
service however. It was nearly 4PM by the time we got to the National Museum, but
that turned out to be not all that exciting anyhow, so it was worth

On Saturday, we took a tour of the DMZ, which was definitely
worth it -- I'll write that up in more detail later. Sunday, we went to a temple
in the morning, then moved over to stay with Rudder's cousins in a small town
south of Seoul. We spent a two hours driving the thirty miles there, due to the
traffic induced by everyone's driving to their home town for the Lunar New

On Sunday, the whole lot of us went to Gyaeryongsan National
Park, an hour and a half trip that took us nearly twice that long due to the New
Year's last wave of travelers. Fortunately the kids (6, 4, and 1.5) were all good
travelers, and the number of us in the vehicle allowed us to use the bus lane,
which sped things up a little. Today is the New Year itself, so we're hoping the
traffic has died down. We're going to a Folk Village to see traditional lifeways,
hoping there will be celebrations of the holiday there.

Off to amuse
the kids.

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