March 31, 2002

not a girly girl

You know what's wrong with Sundays? The library is closed, that's what. Rudder and
I listened to my last book on tape yesterday on the way to and from the property,
and I can't go get more today. Fortunately, I have Antonia Fraser's Kings and
Queens of England here as emergency stash, having traded a duplicate CD plus
some additional cash in at Barnes and Noble.

Went flying again today;
one more flight and I think I'll be ready for my biannual. I was feeling a lot
more confident today. I also worked well with this instructor though he was a
little sniffy when I didn't want him to take over the controls without telling me
what he was about to do (I thought he was going to do a spin or something, because
we'd been talking about stalls and why they scare me). Otherwise, though, he
didn't do most of the usual annoying CFI tricks like explaining something further
after I'd shown I knew it, or being generally stupid. He's one of the few who has
clearly thought about what he teaches and how he does it. The only other annoying
thing was that he wanted to reinforce points that a lot of people get wrong,
regardless of whether I get them wrong. For example, he kept talking about
not getting too aggressive with the controls, which led me to think I was doing
that when I wasn't. Still, I might work with him if I do go on for an instrument

Oh yes, and I promised to talk more about the latest 'do.
This time I got Cool Salon Guy to cut it good and short -- we both agree it looks
better that way, but he has a tendency to want to leave it a trifle longer in back
and on the sideburns in order to keep it more feminine. Unfortunately, the latter
also leaves it tending to stick out, which makes it look like I have tufts of ear
hair -- not a feminine look at all, to my mind. I also let him dye it in a way we
had been discussing for a little while: just the tips are bleached a slightly
reddish blonde. It's not bad looking, though if I do it again it will need to be a
slightly less brassy color. The effect is almost like a tortoiseshell cat -- they
also have fur that's dark at the roots and in places light at the tips. That's
what I think anyway. Rudder says it reminds him more of a teenage boy. I don't
think he has any great desire to experiment with teenaged boys, but the effect on
me doesn't seem to bother him any. Besides, if he were into girly girls, he'd have
left me long ago.

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