March 30, 2002


Appropriately enough for the weekend of two religion's major spring holidays, we
spent today buying and planting trees. It is so good being on the property up
north, where when you breathe, you smell pine trees instead of car exhaust and
when in one's taking off on the adjacent runway, the hum of the suburb is entirely
missing. We planted 7 trees: Colorado spruce, Austrian pine (spruce?) and
Ponderosa pine seedlings, of varying sizes. Not quite Gerald Wimsey planting oaks,
but a statement of faith in our futures there, anyway.

Dinner yesterday went smoothly; the hiatus between courses weren't too long and
everything was more or less hot when it should be. And, mirabile dictu, I actually
remembered everything and didn't find a side dish in the fridge or the oven that I
Had forgotten to serve. I even remembered the parsley I had minced to garnish the
new potatoes. Not that there was any reason to fuss over a dinner for four people
(though I cooked enough for six or eight) but still, T2 and Egret are almost the
only people I know who seem to think I'm a wonderful gourmet cook, so I have my
rep to maintain. My only regret is that we never did really end up talking about

I also managed to do a bit of shopping. I didn't find the shoes I was looking for,
but did bring home a Haggadah, four tops for work (all on sale), a denim mini that
is emphatically not for work, and a belt. I still want the shoes, some brown
pants, and maybe a pair of jeans, but I may have to get all that online. Rudder's
been making comments like, "You sure are buying a lot lately," but its my money
and I'm brushing up my wardrobe for work, after an extended period of not being
able to spend much. Though I probably shouldn't be spending much now, after
assuming a car payment (and making a downpayment) last week and forking over
$200 for trees today. Yeah, right, like I won't go buy the pants anyway.

I also dyed my hair again yesterday, but I think I'll leave further description
for tomorrow.

Posted by dichroic at March 30, 2002 04:59 PM
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