March 22, 2002

sailing up, sailing down in the dry washes

The b'y is still abroad but the felidae are gathered 'round. The night is warm --
not just relatively warm but really warm. I have the back door open and the
hibiscus, the purple vaguely hibiscus-like flowers that I think are weeds, and the
jasmine are all in bloom. The scent of the jasmine is drifting in and the cats are
wandering in and out. I had sushi (well, supermarket variety) for dinner and there
will be fresh-made popcorn for dessert as soon as I leave the

Sitting alone here in the middle of the desert, I've got a
whole set of sailing music to keep me company tonight. It's even a narrower
classification than that really; what I have here is specifically schooner music.
(Acc. to the dicker, it's a schooner if it has fore and mainmasts and if any lower
masts have fore-and-aft sails.) Courtesy of the gift cert the bro' gave me for my
birthday, and of's store of obscure music, I have a CD from the Maine
band Schooner Fare and Gordon Bok's CD Schooners. The former is playing
now; when I switch CDs I won't be typing on the computer, because Bok's lyrics,
including those he borrows from others, are always worth full attention. He's got
one that's really more about rowing than sailing; I'll have to learn that one if
the tune measures up to the words. Quite likely, given some of his other

I have been tired and a little droopy since Wednesday
or so. What I really need is a nice quiet evening with not much to do, and lots of
sleep, and I think I'll finally get it. I may even be ready to fly by the
scheduled time tomorrow.

Posted by dichroic at March 22, 2002 04:59 PM
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