March 21, 2002

need feedback

No, really, I'm not just trying to be like href="">Geni. Though href="">Nataliee did have some effect, since she was
complaining the dark layout hurt her eyes. I've been meaning to do a new layout
for a while, because I was getting bored. It's just been hung up because I had no
time to work on the graphics, pitiful as they are.

I'm still not
entirely satisfied, so suggestions are welcome. My HTML skills aren't top-notch,
but they are better than my graphic design skills, so if you have design ideas,
let me know those especially. Though I do realize I'm talking to the same people
who never told me that my mailto: link has been broken for months, apparently.

I'm thinking maybe I should make those airplanes at the top (they
take you back and forward) into rollover popups so their function is more
apparent. What else?

Incidentally, the asterisk thingies are crossed oars, quartered with a four-bladed
propeller. (In case it's not immediately obvious!)

Posted by dichroic at March 21, 2002 04:59 PM
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