March 16, 2002

useless luxury

After dropping Rudder off at the airport for yet another business trip, I went
flying again this morning. I'm trying to regain currency, feel comfortable as
pilot-in-command, and then maybe even go for an IFR (instrument) rating. (For non-
pilots, that's the one that would probably have kept JFK Jr. live.) The flying
went reasonably well, though I need to do at least one more session before I
schedule the biannual flight review I'm due for. After that, to continue the
aviation theme, I headed off to an airshow at a former Air Force base nearby, now
converted into a campus for several local universities and a local

I suppose I've just been to too many airshows, or maybe it
was because I was by myself, but it just wasn't all that exciting. For one thing,
they seemed to think most people would be more excited by really fast, loud
military planes doing their maneuvers, but I really prefer aerobatics by smaller
planes. I have a thing for biplanes, but mostly my preference is because the F-16
is so fast that it does one maneuver, then has to spend twice as long looping back
over the audience to get in position for the next one. IN contrast, a pilot in an
Extra 300, or a team like the Red Barons in their Stearman bipes are slow and
maneuverable enough to fit an entire aerobatic routine in front of the audience.
Also, I like wind, but it was strong enough today to blow dust in my eyes
continually and to affect the precision of some of the aerobatics.

left the show after only about two hours. Having an afternoon free and alone, I
decided some pampering seemed indicated. I was hoping they could slot me in at the
local massage school, but they're booked. And the place I went last time I got a
pedicure does having anyone doing them today. I think I will just go to one of the
upscale shopping centers that are multiplying rapidly in my neighborhood, look for
the new watch I've been itching to buy, and see if I can find a nail place that
takes walk-ins. This also seems like a good time to exchange one of the CDs my
uncle gave me for my birthday, since it's one I've already got. Shopping for
something you've already got and pedicures, the epitomes of useless luxury.

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