March 08, 2002

Almost busier than the weekdays

Yes, life is back to normal. Busy, that is. Would it so upset the balance of the
universe if I had both time and money available at once? (Cue Zero Mostel, "If I
Were a Rich Man, deedle deedle deedle dydle deedle...) Tonight and early tomorrow
morning, I have to read up on the flying stuff I've forgotten because it's been so
long since I've gotten my sorry ass up in a plane. Later that day we've got a pre-
race barbeque for the regatta portion of the Grand
Canyon State Games
, which is on Sunday. At some point in between I ought to
wash my truck or have it washed, because when you drive on the freeways during
rush hour, it's a trifle pleasanter if your windows are transparent rather than
just translucent.

At present it looks like I'll only be racing in my
single on Sunday, though I may still race twice if I win my heat (as if). I really
don't like the way the club group handles racing, which is to have AussieCoach
make all the decisions about who's in what boat without passing on much info to
the rowers. I'm paid up for this quarter, but once that's over, I may just become
a member of "Arizona Rowing", which is what Rudder and T2 call themselves when not
racing under the auspices of club or city. Coaches, bah. The club does offer
individual coaching sessions, so I may just decide to row on my own and take the
occasional lesson just to keep from developing too many bad habits and to help me
plan my practice schedule. Maybe I'll try to work with the scary former Olympian
(Bulgarian, female) who also seems to be fed up with the whole large group idea.

Posted by dichroic at March 8, 2002 04:59 PM
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