March 03, 2002


I was chatting with the Three Bitchin' Babes last night: SWooP, href="">Caerula, and href="">Natalieee (apologies to Christine Lavin), but had to
get off early because it was getting toward bedtime and Rudder seemed lonely. Just
as well, since he told me afterward he thought I'd been spending a bit too much
time online, not so much now as when I was unemployed. He's probably right, since
he was really only talking about the weekends.

Today I'm going to go
make up for my frustrated shopping impulses yesterday at the RenFaire (where we
really didn't do much but eat). I want a new gym bag, because I don't think all
the exploded antiperspirant will come off my old one. I also need to return my
waterproof socks, which leak, and might stop in at a shoestore. Or the office
supplies place next to it; I'm a sucker for both shoes and fountain pens.

Posted by dichroic at March 3, 2002 04:59 PM
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