March 02, 2002

a bit of Static

I got to watch Saturday morning cartoons this morning, something I don't normally
do these days, though I used to love them. (This was back in the days of the
originalJustice League of America, the one where Wonderwoman was the only
girl.) I can recommend Static Shock, about a teen-aged kid with electrical powers.
Today, his powers were affected by sunspots, running overcharged one minute and
gone the next -- a nice metaphor for pubertal hormones, I thought. Luckily for
Static, these sunspots lasted for one half-hour cartoon, rather than the normal
11-year cycle. The kid's a good influence, anyway. I rather admired his calm
acceptance of losing his powers: "No, man, this is great. I can have time for my
friends again, time to study, time to sleep. It's good to have my life back
again." The Adventures of Jackie Chan (and his little niece sidekick) also looked
promising, but I was done on the erg by then.

Speaking of being a
sidekick, I had to erg today, to make up for skipping the gym Thursday. I need to
live up to my new title, Lady Erg, [preens] over at href="">Chez Sinister.

And now I
need to go see if I can stencil the dining room before Rudder gets back from the
gym. (I want to write "I Will Drink Life to the Lees", from Tennyson's Ulysses,
over the entrance to the living room.) He knows I'm going to do it, but I don't
think he's enthusiastic.

After that, we're going to spend the day at
the Renaissance Faire, with T2 and Egret. I get to spend a whole day being dragged
away from all the cool crafts stands, whee.

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