April 18, 2002

work, truck, and (of course) rowing

It's a slow day for me here. I'm still new enough that this makes me nervous, like
my boss will suddenly decide I'm not needed at all and will end my contract. On
the other hand, if he did that, next time things heat up, he'd have to do all the
work and I'm fairly sure he doesn't want that. Still, I feel as if I should be
doing more to bring us to process utopia (for those involved in software
development, that would be CMM Level 5).

The week after next, after
the Long Beach regatta, I think I may take a morning off, to go take my Biannual
Flight Review (BFR), gets my eyes examined, and maybe get the haircut for which I
will by then be overdue. Taking time off is another thing that feels odd when
you're still the new person at work. Amazingly, since I'm a contractor, I think I
will actually get paid for the time off (yay!). This would probably be a good time
to review that policy.

After work today I get to go pick up my truck,
whose "Check Engine" light had BETTER not come on again, if she doesn't want me to
start liking Zippy the Honda better than her. Because of my long commute and the
hours Rudder works, this is a two stage process: I pick up the keys on my way
home, then we go back together to actually get the truck since I can't drive two
vehicles at once. What I really need is a garage that stays open

Somewhere in there we need to do a wee bit of shopping for our
contribution to tomorrow night's potluck. Amusingly, we have this, which is a
party for the city rowers, then in a few weeks another party for the club
competitive rowers, even though we don't actually row with either group anymore.
Obviously, we're just special. Either that or we just don't like anybody unless
they're having a party.

Posted by dichroic at April 18, 2002 10:59 AM
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