April 10, 2002

Ice on it

Somehow, I like this more than anything I've written since Sarah Whistled or even Jubilate. Maybe it's because like those, this one forced its germ on me, instead of my going out to look for it. Maybe it's also because it took me longer to coax that germ into a grown plant than it usually does when I make one up without a seed from the cosmos.

I used to watch you gaze at me,
Eyes brown and clear as mountain brook.
Eyes so transparent I could see
The bedrock love beneath the look.

Every now and then I glance
But itŐs been years since last I caught
That gaze. Your eyes look off askance
Or lowered lids hide all your thought.

And yet I know in every bone
If anything, you love me more
Than in the days when eyes alone
Told of love then newly born.

But still, if bone-deep kenning brooks no lies,
What happened to the love-look in your eyes?
Posted by dichroic at April 10, 2002 02:53 PM
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