May 14, 2002

it's my diary and I'll brag if I want to

It is fun, when attending a meeting mostly populated by more senior folks, to pipe
up with a comment and hear, "Hey, that's a good point." "Yes, we need to consider
that." "Good call!"

It's even more fun to hear a deafening silence,
as everyone suddenly thinks, "Uh oh. Why didn't we think of that

This is why I like software quality assurance. With a
tenuous grip on the latest ideas and methodologies, a good memory for what was
said in the previous presentation, and a dollop of common sense, you can leave a
roomful of managers speechless for entire seconds.

My body seems to
be changing again. Lately, I've put on a couple of pounds (literally a couple) but
our body-fat-measuring scale says my body fat percentage has gone down 2-3 points
(it varies.) The scale is wildly inaccurate as far as actual percentage, but it
seems to be fairly consistent, so I think I can trust it to indicate trends. If
so, I must have traded a pound or so of fat for about four of muscle. Cool. And
this morning, I did my 1000m erg warmup faster than usual, and even upped all my
weight. And I found out that on the leg extension machine, the most painful one I
do where the lightest weight the machine can do never seems to get any easier,
it's actually less painful and not much harder doing a heavier weight. Apparently,
it was just the lightest weight that hurts so much, and I really am able to move

Also, I notice I'm not having a tendency to want to skip gym
days any more. I should still get up and go earlier than I do, but I get there in
time to work out enough, I think. I still wake up wanting to skip rowing, but
that's inevitable. At that time of the morning, it's perfectly reasonable to want
to skip anything that doesn't involve going back to sleep.

Posted by dichroic at May 14, 2002 04:59 PM
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