May 11, 2002

in the pines, in the pines

Last night was the rowing club competitive group annual outing -- we got to go
partly because we have, after all, been registering as club members at races,
partly because I did row with them for the first couple months of this year, and
mostly because they never took me off the email list. It was well done, actually -
- a little expensive but the food was decent and the company was happy and
friendly. The coach, probably with some help, gave out awards (just printed on a
sheet of paper) to everyone, including me. Mine was for, and I quote, "Biggest
Little Woman", for best lightweight woman. I think I may be the only lightweight
woman who's rowed for them this year, but hey, I never turn down an award. The
coach was turning 30 that day, so people had brought presents for him, mostly
beer. We brought a little koala bear holding a boomerang (one of the tchotckes
still hanging around the house from our Australia trip a while back, because he
apparently lived there a while and still likes to sound like an Aussie) and a
card, improbably purchased at the local drugstore, showing a crew holding up an
eight before lowering it into the water and making some crack about giant
suppositories. I guess you had to see it.

Today we went up to the
airpark property to water our baby trees, which are doing well despite the dry
year we've been having. The aspen has even sprouted leaves. Despite the two-hour
drive, it's incredibly relaxing to go up and breathe air scented only by pine and
avgas and not have anything else we need to be doing at that instant. It was
incredibly windy, though -- must have been gusting to 35 knots. Tomorrow I'll take
yet another stab at that biannual flying review (with luck it will be less windy)
and try to nail down our plans for July 4 week. Just at the moment, we're leaning
toward going to Alaska.

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