May 08, 2002

becoming jello

This will be the first Wednesday in a long time that we haven't gone out with
Egret and T2. Rudder is probably taking his clients out to dinner again (and even
if he doesn't, he hasn't been getting home until 6:30 or 7 (not so bad until you
realize he's in there by 7:30 AM). So I finally did something I've been meaning to
(and not finding time for) since starting back to work. I've booked an appointment
for a massage this evening.

I go to a local school, where I usually
get a massage from one of the students. The facility is nicer than some expensive
spas I've seen, I've always been happy with the students (I don't think they let
them work on paying students until they're fairly advances, and you can't beat the
$29/hour rate. Today, though, because I didn't call for an appointment until
this morning, I could only get a slot with one of the instructors. At
$49/hour, it's still not too bad, and I am eager to see how much better this
gets (the student ones usually leave me a relaxed lump of quivering jello, as it

Because time slots available were limited, I'll have to leave
work 15 minutes early, and I got in a little late this morning. However, I was
late because I was over picking up three boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts to bring
to work, so I don't expect complaints.

My shoulders are stiff from an
intense practice this morning (I lost skin on my hands in four separate spots!)
and my thighs are a little sore, probably from overstretching in the gym
yesterday. Add that to general tension from the list debacle, work, coordinating
rowing plans, lack of sleep, and not getting to see much of my husband, and what
you end up with is a woman desperately in need of massage therapy. I am so looking
forward to this.

Oh, and check out the scaled-down sleeker (well, a
little) new layout!

Posted by dichroic at May 8, 2002 04:59 PM
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