May 02, 2002

various annoyances

Arrgghh. All-day meetings do not mesh well with List crises. And I'm *tired*. Last
night I had dinner with Egret, and then, since neither of the guys were here, we
walked over to the local Barnes and Noble, where she bought three books for her
trip to Ireland, just on my recommendation. No, four -- she picked up the first
Amelia Peabody too, in combination with Bill Bryson's Notes from a Small
, David Sedaris' Me Talk Pretty One Day, and some book about
living in Ireland that I'd never read but that looked interesting. ("Expat books,"
I said, as I handed them to her.) I hope she likes them. I'm a little worried
about how she'll like it over there -- no baby to birth and raise, as she'd
expected, neither of her other children there, no one else she knows but T2, and
no job. I wouldn't think of it being anything but a grand adventure, except for
the first and last of those items (well, she'll miss her teenagers, but they'll
visit). But living with a new husband and no job will be a challenge. She's
adaptable though, and has lived overseas before, so she'll make it. And having T2
there will make up for a lot -- that's exactly one person more than I knew when I
moved across the country after college.

The latest list crisis is
being a mess, because I don't think there's any ideal situation to this one. Maybe
it's not even something the moderators should decide alone. Maybe I should retire
and let someone with more spare time deal with it. (An aside: All of the
moderators on both lists have lots of demands on their time, but I swear some of
the listmembers do nothing but sit in front of the computer. Even when I was
unemployed, with no job, no kids, and no responsibilities except to show up for
rowing and find a new job, I didn't have as much free time as some of these people
do. Amazing. And how boring for (and of) them.) With luck, we'll resolve this one
way or another without any of the mods getting too annoyed at each other (As
opposed to those who always annoy us anyway. There's no hope for

And so, back into the meetings.

Posted by dichroic at May 2, 2002 04:59 PM
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