June 15, 2002

spidey anti-gravity (pro-gravity?)

Spider-Man was pretty good -- as my Homer told us the other day, "One of the best
superhero movies I've seen. However, of the many gaping plot holes that seem to be
unavoidable in any superhero movie, one bothered me and it was repeated twice. Two
separate times, Mary Jane is falling, and somehow in defiance of all laws of
gravity, Spidey jumps after her and somehow manages to fall faster, so that he can
catch up to her. Now, he's in a straight dive and she's kind of flailing, but
still, they don't fall nearly far enough for air resistance to have that much
effect. Is this another feature of spiders that I have somehow never noticed, the
ability to speed up gravity?

Posted by dichroic at June 15, 2002 04:59 PM
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