July 27, 2002

sleep is goooood....

This morning: a planned lazy day, and yes it's sad that we have to plan them.
Once in a very rare while we stay in bed all day; we didn't quite make it to that
level, but we did stay in bed until nearly two, which feels like all day when
you're used to getting out of bed at four, ante meridian. We slept for something
like twelve hours, so obviously we needed to. Both Rudder and I have been having
trouble sleeping for the last few months. Part of the problem is that even in a
king-sized bed (ah, our wonderful big bed) once one of us started tossing and
rolling it wakes the other one, but there's more to it than that. Discussing how
well we'd slept in Alaska, we hypothesized the problem might be because we keep
the house at about 80 degrees at night (which is still cooler than our usual low
temp outside). We've turned the AC down a bit, the last couple of nights, and have
slept through until nearly alarm-time without either of us waking up once. Sleep
is gooooood.............

We'd bought munchies and grapes last night,
so with that, books, and of course each other, we were well supplies for a lovely
lazy horizontal morning. Since then I've gone to the bead store and the library,
gotten the oil changed on the Civic and found out my truck apparently needs a new
battery, but that ice relaxed feeling is still with me. Next stop: beer and

On my round of errands, I overheard something that left me
bemused. I still can't decide if this is the best thing I've heard in a long while
or the silliest. Mother to small sons, leaving library: "Now we've had two
adventures today!"

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