July 23, 2002

new uses for pool toys

Not sure I'll have time to update later so I'll do it now. href="http://mechaieh.diaryland.com">Mechaieh's visit went well, if you
couldn't tell from previous comments. It was a bit on the sedate side, though,
partly because she's still recovering, more because I suddenly started feeling
unwell on Saturday afternoon and was still lethargic on Sunday, and partly because
my life really is that sedate.

Above, I had originally typed the
words "previous comments" as "pervious comments", which reminds me. On Sunday
after dinner, we were hanging out in the pool (It was actually cool enough to do
so. Yes, it is possible to be too hot to stay in a pool.) and I went to get out
some of our floats. We have several of those pool noodles: long, flexible foam
tubes that have enough floatation to support a person, but not so much as to keep
your body out of the water. They're 4 or 5 feet long and maybe 4 inches in
diameter. M (who had never seen one)said, "Oh, don't bother, we don't need those."
Half an hour later, most of which we'd spent perched on those noodles in one
posture or another, I commented to Rudder, "Boy, she really seems to like those
noodles." Mechaieh responded, "Well, I've never done a pool noodle before." Pause,
while Dichroic thinks "Ouch." and Mechaieh realizes what she's said. "Uh, you can
put that line in your diary if you want."

This week at work I've got
training all week, but still have to get all my regular work done. It's one of
those times when you just suck it up, and keep reminding yourself that a) it's
temporary and b) you get paid for overtime.

Posted by dichroic at July 23, 2002 11:59 AM
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