July 18, 2002

boring food entry

Mmmmm....Thai food for lunch. I'm stuffed.

Though I always regret
going to buffets, because I never eat enough to justify it. Too bad more places
don't have, say, a cheaper rate if you take a smaller plate and only go back once.
I suppose it would be too hard to verify.

No workout today; I decided
more sleep was more important. That also had something to do with being woken up
by my steak from the night before at 3AM. I keep thinking it's a good idea to eat
large hunks of protein ("large" in this case meaning about half an 8-oz filet)
occasionally, but I'm not convinced my body actually absorbs many nutrients from
beef, so maybe not. I'd eat more fish if more of it were like the salmon we had
in Seward, but now I fear I'm spoiled.

And yes, this is exactly the
sort of boring food topic I said I hate to discuss, but at least I'm not
inflicting it on anyone in conversation.

Back to work. Nothing to say
and too much to do to extend my lunch hour any further.

P.S. Stupid
sign lady's stupid saying of the week is "Nothing big ever came from being small."
WTF?? Napoleon and I strongly object to that one.

Posted by dichroic at July 18, 2002 04:59 PM
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