July 15, 2002

rest room rant

I keep forgetting to write this entry, but it's one I don't want to post from
work. If you're male, feel free to tune out now -- you may be a swine in your
personal habits, but in general, you're not my problem. Go hang out in the Someone
Else's Problem field over there (makes vague gesture indicating

OK, the lodge is tyled and it's just us double-X types now,
right? Good, because I have something to say, and it's about public restrooms. We
travel a lot, and drive a lot, so I've used a lot of them. And then there's work,
and restaurants, and libraries and such.

Ladies ... Women ... Female
People .... just sit down on the fucking seat, OK? You are not going to catch
loathly diseases through the skin of your ass, unless you get way more intimate
with the fixture than I want to think about. Really, I promise you, it will be all
right. Use toilet paper or those weird slippery seat liners if it makes you feel
better -- though I've never quite figured out how porous paper is supposed to
block marauding germs. Why do I care? Because I might use that seat after you.
When you hover over it, you spray little droplets, and many of you appear to be
too inconsiderate to wipe off your own bodily fluids. While I really don't worry
about catching strange virulent diseases (trench-slit, would that be?), sitting in
someone else's piss is just disgusting. If your aim is that bad or you must hover
that high, then clean the fuck up after yourselves. Or (and this is the easy
solution) just sit on the damned seat. That's what it's there for.

you're that worried about diseases, wash your hands well with soap afterward.
Lather well, like a doctor. Unless your immune system system is already
compromised, this will kep you healthy, even if you open the door with your very
own fingers immediately afterward.

Oh, and don't use that anti-
bacterial soap, either. More resistent bacteria are not things we need in this

That is all.

Posted by dichroic at July 15, 2002 04:59 PM
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