July 14, 2002

no wonder they call it "work"

Again, if you haven't seen my Alaska pictures, they're href="http://dichroic.diaryland.com/akpics.html">here. I'll probably post that
tomorrow too, since some people only seem to read this on

We went to see Men in Black II today. Great cinema it's
not, funny it is. It's definitely a sequel in that you have to see the first movie
to get the background, but it departs from the usual pattern by not being any
worse than the first one. It's fluff, but the effects are spectacular and the
jokes are funny.

Other than that it's been mostly a chore-and-errand
day. Amazing how being off from work can make even household chores more pleasant.
One thing about "work": it's aptly named.

Oh, yes, and we went to the
CHeesecake Factory for dinne. It was much beter than I expected. The variety of
food on the menu is very wide, from Cajun to French to Jamaican to down-home, and
my meal tasted wonderful -- Vietnamese rice-paper rolls and Jamaican black -pepper
shrimp. Rudder's meat loaf was OK but nothing special. It wasn't good enough that
I'd put up with the hour-plus waits they get at peak times, but no food is worth
that. I'll be back....just at an off time.

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