July 12, 2002

Alaska pics

Alaska photos

"http://riseagain.net/dichroic/images/anchorage.jpg" border = 0>
from Earthquake Park

"http://riseagain.net/dichroic/images/cloudy_mts.jpg" border = 0>
Taken from
the Richardson Highway looking east, I think.

"http://riseagain.net/dichroic/images/exit_glacier.jpg" border = 0>
Glacier, near Seward.

"http://riseagain.net/dichroic/images/flowers_sky.jpg" border = 0>
There were
wildflowers all over on the southern half of our trip.

"http://riseagain.net/dichroic/images/seward_mts.jpg" border = 0>
This is from
near our hotel at Seward.

"http://riseagain.net/dichroic/images/sod_house.jpg" border = 0>
From the
Native Heritage Center, at Anchorage -- most of the native cultures used sod
houses, for their good insulation.

"http://riseagain.net/dichroic/images/stream.jpg" border = 0>
On the Richardson
highway again.

"http://riseagain.net/dichroic/images/ted_shooting.jpg" border = 0>
I saw Ted
in this pose and made him do it again so I could snap the

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