July 10, 2002

are you a painting?

I think I invented a fun game href="http://dichroic.diaryland.com/nowaldo.html">yesterday by accident. If
you were a painting (or a painter's whole oeuvre), who would you be? What if we
expand to visual arts in general? Throw in songs or books, too, what the hell. I'd
consider setting up a quiz, but I don't know how. Also, on reflection I don't
really like the idea of shoehorning the vast spread of human personality into a
few choices. I may set up a survey, so it can be open-ended.

A more
fun way to play would be to decide what paintings your friends would be. After
all, you know far more about yourself (I hope!) and it's hard to find one painting
to symbolize all those facets. It's easier to do for other people, though whether
they'd agree with your choices is another matter.

So let's see ... If
anyone's wondering, the reason I didn't suggest href="http://www.eilatan.net/adventures">Natalieeee as a Rubens yesterday is
that the word that comes to mind for her is not so much "voluptuous" (a mere
physical description) as "incisive". Durer? No, too dour and colorless. And href="http://caerula.diaryland.com">Caerula? Maybe that guy that does the big
comic panels (what's his name?) -- something to reflect her knowledge of and
immersion in pop culture (see her bio entry), but Andy Warhol is definitely not
right. And with a dash of van Gogh, too, for more shaded color and swirling
complexity. I suspect lots of people are compilations like that. href="http://genibee.diaryland.com">Geni should be easy, definitely an Italian
master, but here again I'm too ignorant to say which one. My brother might be a

(I do hope nobody is offended by this -- after all, these are all
considered great art.)

And come to think of it, not everyone is
great art. After all, the above and those mentioned yesterday are all people I
like. Fabio is a paint-by-numbers on velvet. Your least favorite politician may be
graffiti. But that isn't always a bad thing either. Ronnie Gilbert (of the
Weavers) is a Grandma Moses -- this is a compliment to her vitality and solid
roots, not an insult to her complexity. I used to work with a real Norman
Rockwell (named Norm, too), completely genuine.

So, who are you? Are
you a painting at all or some other form?

Posted by dichroic at July 10, 2002 04:59 PM
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