July 09, 2002

modern verse, part deux

I may have to revise my opinion of href="http://dichroic.diaryland.com/010309_67.html">modern poetry. I think it's changing -- moving away from deliberate obscurity and moving on to
observation of the everyday, to picking out the sacred encapsulated in the
mundane. And that may be a sentence as obscure as many I deride, because I
understand what I mean in a visual way rather than in words. Several poems I've read lately remind me of a halogen spot highlighting one painting on a crowded gallery wall, or maybe I need even a more mundane image -- like taking special noice of the intense hyper-red color of a particular cherry in a fruit salad, or the perfectly polished shape of a pebble on a beach full of pebbles, any one of which may be as beautiful as another.

This is all because I clicked over to Rattle to look for a poem of Mousepoet's. I'm fairly certain which is his, but if you're not sure of his real name, it's more fun to look for it. I
won't post any of the poems here in case of copyright issues, but I particularly
liked the ones there by Kay Puttney Gantt and Michael P. McManus -- href="http://www.rattle.com/rattle16/16index.html">click over and take a look at them.

Though I still think a lot of poets would be better if they'd pay as much attention to their words as to their images.

Posted by dichroic at July 9, 2002 09:35 AM
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