August 26, 2002

nonconflicting emotions

You know those diaries that have the little face icons to say how the writer is
feeling at the moment? I have no idea how on earth I could summarize all
that in one little icon -- much less leave it there to symbolize my emotions for a
whole day. Just at the moment, I am happy, scared, thoughtful, annoyed, and

Happy: The past weekend lacked only a bit of socialization to
be successful by my standards, having comprised time spent with Rudder, some
exercise, and an outdoor activity. (And sex, of course.)

Because I do now have a bunch of stuff to look forward to this fall,
professionally and personally. And because href="">Batten is back!

Scared: Last
week I found out that Atty. Gen. Ashcroft hopes to set up href="">camps where he could
"order the indefinite incarceration of U.S. citizens and summarily strip them of
their constitutional rights and access to the courts by declaring them enemy
combatants." This morning I found out that the American Patriot Act (what wincing
irony!) already allows law enforcement officials to href="
act_congress_1">demand that librarians turn over a patron's library records
to see what books one of those suspected "enemy combatants" has checked out and
may be reading -- and the librarian may not even inform the patron that his/her
records have been subpoenaed. I am both pissed off and very frightened at what
seems to be happening in my country and am beginning to wonder Just how closely
Ashcroft has been studying Mein Kampf. And check href="">this out. Perhaps he's been
reading up on the KGB also?

Thoughtful: SWooP ended her latest diary
entry with this "And obsessions can be narrowing." Of course, it's easy to see how
that can apply to some obsessions -- see the paragraph above. But she was talking
about literary obsessions. Somehow, that phrase just struck me, and I'm still
thinking about its implications.

Annoyed: Just typical work stuff,
with people promising to get stuff to me by a certain date and not doing

Proud: Because I rowed 11,200m this morning, and wasn't even
wiped out afterward. And went off to a responsible job. Because I've been a "card-
carrying member of the ACLU" forever. And a bunch of other reasons too small to
talk about, but special to me, that make Dichroic someone I can like and respect
just at this moment.

Posted by dichroic at August 26, 2002 04:59 PM
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