August 24, 2002


Yet another quiet weekend here. We seem to have run out of steam. When we first
moved to this state, we went camping almost every other week in summer. Now,
though, we've seen and done almost everything in the state that we wanted to see
and do. Of course, things like hiking and mountain biking aren't the sor tof
things you'd only want to do once, but the other factor is that between jobs and
rowing, by the time the weekend rolls around we're just plain too tired to want to
pack up for camping.

Still, tomorrow we're planning to head out to a
mining town north of here that's become something of an artist's colony, and next
week we'll go camping on our property and attend the airpark's annual meeting.
September may be quiet, but in October and November, we have four trips planned so
far, so things will definitely be heating up. I'm sure there will be a day in
there where I'll be wishing for a quiet day like this.

Posted by dichroic at August 24, 2002 04:59 PM
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