August 21, 2002

the fine line until stuff happens

Yet another thing that really sucks is being stuck in a telecon at the time when
you normally go to lunch. Pfaugh.

Last night I was a Very Bad
influence on Rudder, and when he hinted at the possibility of skipping rowing this
morning, I toally jumped on the bandwagon. I'd actually really wanted to row but
couldn't because of an early meeting that meant I'd either have to cut it short or
stay home and erg instead, so I figured if I can't row, I'd just as soon sleep
late. And I was even able to persuade my psycho-rower husband to join me! (It's
his last week before starting to row with the club, and when he has other people
depending on him to show up he won't be able to just decide to take days off like
this. And ooh, it was niiiice. And I didn't even have to offer him the Usual Bribe

I suppose this means I really ought to row both tomorrow and
Friday. I think my calluses are up to it, and the weather has cooled down a
snitch, so maybe. (A snitch, in this context, would be like a titch, only less

I'm waiting to find out about some cool training I might get to
take at work, and yesterday I broke down and did a bit of binge-shopping at
Amazon, so I'm in waiting mode for that shipment also. (In Amazon's case, "waiting
mode" involves checking the UPS package tracking about every ten minutes.) So now
I'm torn between the fact that I Like anticipation, but I don't like waiting. It's
a fine line.

Posted by dichroic at August 21, 2002 04:59 PM
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