August 15, 2002

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I have to go get a mammogram this morning, my first baseline one. Blech. But I get
to go see Great Big Sea tonight, along with the Young Dubliners and Seven Nations.
Yay! (Actually, the billing is YD, with SN and GBS, but it's GBS whose music I
know and for which I bought the tickets.

There were two
entries I wanted to write today, but the other one will be a lot harder to put
together so I'll do that later. Meanwhile, here are the answers to href="">How Well Do You Know Dichroic?. I doubt
there's anyone left who hasn't taken it and wants do, but if you haven't and you
do, don't read the following. I set up the quiz so that some questions have
partial credit.

1. What was my underaduate degree

  • Electrical engineering (0 points)
  • linguistics
    (3 points)
  • mechanical engineering (10
  • folklore (3 points)
  • computer science (2

I majored in Mechanical Engineering as an undergrad. I
gave partial credit for folklore, because I took serveral classes in it, partial
for linguistics, in which I actually once considered getting an MA< and partial
for computer science, because that's what I do for a living.

2. Where did I get my

  • Texas A&M (-10 points)
  • Penn State (0
  • University of Houston (10 points)
  • ASU (1
  • Penn (2 points)

Actually, technically it
was the University of Houston-Clear Lake, but I figured UH was close enough.
Partial credit for Penn, my "real" alma mater, where I got my BS, and for ASU
where I took my linguistics classes.

3. How
many years have I been rowing?

  • 4 (0 points)
  • 5 (0
  • 10 (0 points)
  • 12 (10
  • 15 (0 points)

No one got this right, not
even Rudder -- pretty silly for the guy who talked me into taking my first rowing
class, back in 1990. I just counted continuous time since I started, not
subtracting the first few years after we moved here, when there wasn't a lake to
row in. (I cheated a little and told Rudder that, so he has no excuse.)

4. Which of the following have I not

  • flown a plane (0 points)
  • jumped out of a
    plane (0 points)
  • bungie jumped (0 points)
  • hang
    glided (5 points)
  • paraglided (10

Paraglided (Like hang gliding but with a parafoil.)
Partial credit for hang gliding because I only did it once, and that was

5. Which of the following have I not

  • climbed a 5.10 rock face (0 points)
  • run
    2 miles (10 points)
  • wind surfed at the Columbia River Gorge (0
  • scuba dived at the Great Barrier Re (0 points)
  • Parasailed over Negril Bay (0 points)

I have
never in my life run more than a mile. I don't do distance.

6. How many boats do Rudder and I currently

  • 1 (0 points)
  • 2 (0 points)

  • 3 (5 points)
  • 4 (10 points)
  • 5 (0

Four -- the two new singles, the double he and T2 own,
and the Julien single hanging from the roof of our back porch, not currently

7. How many piercings have I had

  • 2 (0 points)
  • 3 (5 points)
  • 4 (10 points)
  • 6 (8 points)
  • None of
    the above (0 points)

This one's a little tricky, which is why
the high partial credit. I have four piercings currently open: both earlobes and
my navel. I also had an ear cartilage piercing, which I've allowed to close, so I
counted four as the right answer. However, you could argue for six, because when I
was about 10 and first had my ears pierced, one got infected and I had to let them
close and get them redone. I figured, though, that that's not something anyone
would know from reading my diary.

8. Which city
have I not visited?


  • Anchorage (0 points)
  • Sydney (0
  • London (0 points)
  • Taipei (10 points)
  • Seoul (0 points)
  • Taipei, though Rudder's been
    there a few times on business. Alaska and Korea this year, Europe in 1996,
    Australia and New Zealand in 1998.

    9. How many
    years have Rudder and I been married?

    • 3 (0
    • 5 (0 points)
    • 6 (0 points)

    • 9 (10 points)
    • 12 (6 points)

    years. Lucky for him, Rudder got this right. We've lived together for twelve,

    10. In which time zone have I lived

    • Eastern (10 points)
    • Central (3
    • Mountain (1 points)
    • Pacific (0

    22 years in Philadelphia, 7 in Houston, nearly 7 in
    Phoenix, 0 west of that.

    And now you know all about Dichroic.

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