August 14, 2002

read hair dreams

Work's going full blast and my List's getting a bit testy again. It's amazing how
irritated people could avoid getting if they'd just read things before
responding to them -- and not just on the list. Yet another Rule for Happy Living,
brought to you by Dichroic.

On a happier, if also stressful, note, I
have an appointment with Cool Salon Guy this afternoon. That means this is the
Moment of Decision: am I really going to let my hair grow out, or am I going to
get it cut short again? I am still leaning toward the former; longer hair behaves
so much better when you've just woken up and haven't showered. At least, if it
doesn't you can tie it back. Very short hair, though, has an avant-garde air I
like -- don't we all like to think of ourselves as rebels, no matter how great the
evidence to the contrary? (And that's a whole entry, but one for another day.)
Also, it sets off my eyes. Unfortunately, that also means it sets off the lines
around them. Later note: I think I know what I want: the hairstyle Asia Argento
had in xXx. Unfortunately, it will be a while before my hair is that long, and it
just doesn't do that anyway -- too curly. In need of a plan

Whatever I decide to do, at least I know I'll enjoy talking to
Cool Salon Guy, as always. Even if I don't post the line-by-line conversations
like Weetabix, everyone's pick for
most humorous breakfast food.

Mentioning Weetabix reminds me that I
had a dream the night before last I wanted to post here. Unfortunately, I didn't
note it down soon enough, and I've now forgotten it. I know SWWooP was in it, and
I think Natalie was too -- she was a
little vaguer, which makes sense since we haven't met IRL. And then there were a
bunch of people I know in the flesh, but I just can't remember what we were all
doing. Drat.

Posted by dichroic at August 14, 2002 12:25 PM
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