September 30, 2002

happy feet

Back to normal at work, for one whole day. Then tomorrow through Thursday there's
a three-day kickoff meeting I'm involved in, which of course doesn't mean I don't
have to do all my normal work, including all that stuff I couldn't get done while
I was in training last week.

But I bought new shoes
yesterday, so at least my feet look good.

They also feel good. And
looking up the website linked above just now, I found out that Born sponsors the
Head of the Charles regatta, so I'm happy all around. Hmmm .... if I'm supporting
my sport, does that mean I'm justified in buying the cute red ones

Speaking of rowing, it was blissfully cool this morning, so I
celebrated by doing an extra 1000m. I hope we've seen the last of summer for this

Posted by dichroic at September 30, 2002 04:59 PM
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