September 22, 2002

kitty trauma

Fuck it, I just lost a whole entry. The gist was that getting the damn cats to the
vets for their shots today was much harder than flying an airplane (did that
yesterday) and that putting them in to a pillowcase, as recommended by a coworker,
actually did help, because then I could keep the beastie still while Rudder went
and got the carrier. Much easier than sneaing up on them with the carrier, which
is sort of harder to casually conceal ("Oh, this? It's a, a new sex toy I was just
bringing up to the bedroom. Yeah that's it -- just ignore us,

And we had steak au poivre for dinner and didn't even share
any with our poor traumatized felines, meanies that we are.

Posted by dichroic at September 22, 2002 06:05 PM
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