January 07, 2003

finding contentment

Ampersand project: the only way you'll find happiness.

"Trying to be happy is like trying to build a machine for which the only specification is that it should run noiselessly." -- anonymous

The Quest

Most sought their fortunes. I thought it wiser
To seek my happiness. Thus, I quested
Rejecting this or that life-offer
Refusing all inferior benison,
I would not settle for any lesser thing.
And as my fellows on less worthy quests
Chose each his silly path,
I mocked them all. I scorned their choices,
Sure that in seeking mere adventure
Mere love, mere work, mere opportunity
Each life was wasted. I, only I
Still sought the noblest path
As my life's quest. As years went on
There were no other travelers beside me.
Each had chosen a life, to live it out
For better or worse. I pitied them,
Sure only one of pure intent
Could reach the highest sphere.

How rude a shock it was, one day,
When I paused to look, to sneer
As I thought, at erstwhile travelers
They who had settled for mere dross.
For in those lesser goals, in work,
In lust (They called it love)
Or those puerile images of themselves
That they named family,
They found -- it could not be!
But it was so -- real happiness.
How could their lower aims
Have reached my loftier goals?
What boot high standards, then?
Was my quest wasted? No, it could not be!
And yet ... and yet ... and yet
What else to think?

It's a little rough, I think, but I don't really know where else to polish.

Posted by dichroic at January 7, 2003 11:43 AM
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