May 16, 2003

it's not making data based decisions

Huh. Apparently my computer's a creationist.

I heard of a survey this
morning that claims more than 50% of Americans "don't believe in" evolution, as
if belief were even relevant to the question. I don't believe in that survey,
myself, but it's downright embarassing that any significant fraction of Americans
would say such a thing. I am embarassed too that so many don't understand the
concept of the scientific method, or prefer to base their viewpoints on received
opinion rather than on evidence in the sphere of science. (As opposed to the
sphere properly governed by faith -- and in biological anthropology, I confess,
the two may be closely related. Not all facets of our self-consciousness belong to
either.) Yes, I admit it. The tolerance on which I pride myself covers sex, race,
class, level of formal education, sexual preference, size, shape, and so on, and
even many aspects of relgion, but it stops short when people of any creed allow
their faith to turn off their (presumably God-given) brains.

I was
going to write a detailed essay on why literal Bible belief croggles my mind, on
why calling it a theory doesn't mean it isn't necessarily true, and on how
thoroughly the available evidence uphold the bedrock concept even though we're
still learning all the details. But while I've had it on a back window, this
computer has rebooted when it was just supposed to sleep, not once but twice.
Which just goes to prove something I've long suspected: it's impossible to have an
intelligent discussion with someone who believes in a system that can only be
supported by authority and who won't listen to reason (e.g. most creationists,
"scientific creationists", et alia).

I maye write that essay later
.... but maybe I'll find a different computer to do it on.

Posted by dichroic at May 16, 2003 04:59 PM
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