May 15, 2003

saved books!

Ti-i-ra-la-lu! Much and maybe most of the holdings of Iraq's national library have
been saved, according to the href="
+.shtml">Boston Globe
. A reporter was shown a collection of 40000 items hidden
in a mosque; the saviors are claiming to have 30% of the library's holdings hidden
there and 60% elsewhere. Not only that, thay saved even some of the library's
Judaica holdings along with the Islamic / Arabic items, so they really are
respecting knowledge, not even taking advantage of an easy chance for

The only cause of tears in the gladness is that the
national museum had to be looted to make people realize the library had to be
saved. I will be joyous if it turns out someone has hidden a substantial cache of
looted items away in safety, or if many of the looters have a change of heart and
return stolen items.

Posted by dichroic at May 15, 2003 09:23 AM
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