July 06, 2003

the preflight gavotte

I've had this first line for a while but am still trying to find the right setting for it.

Between rolling and flying, airplanes dance,
A small excited jig from wheel to wheel
Anticipating flight. For in the sky's
An airplane's proper place.

I do the same dance, sometimes. I jitter
In anticipation of returning to home
Or to you, to home, or to the sky or the water,
To my proper places when I've been too long away.
We went flying this morning, me along as Rudder's safety pilot, to spot aircraft and make sure we're more or less where we ought to be while he practices instrument flight with a visor preventing him from looking out of the plane. I do really need to get back to flying myself. Maybe if I can talk my boss into lettng me telecommute some I'd have time to do it. Posted by dichroic at July 6, 2003 10:39 AM
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