September 27, 2004


Oig. I think I was a little behind on my hydration Saturday (though Egret's excellent matzo ball soup certainly helped) and was feeling just a wee touch unbalanced going into the erg marathon. After it and ever since, that "wee touch" has become the sort of dizziness that necessitates holding on to a handy sofa cushion, railing or husband when tilting my head - not every time, oddly enough, but frequently.

On the plus side, it made me feel much more jusitified in calling in a post-marathon sick day. Rudder took one too (after rowing in the morning, the masochist) so he was nice and handy when I needed to hold on to him.

I did go see a doctor just in case it was something to worry about; after hearing the whole story and checking me out he concluded it was probably just a combination of a bit of (allergy-induced) fluid behind the eardrums and low electrolytes. He prescribed taking it easy for a few days and trying to drink a lot and eat fruits rich in potassium. I will say it's an entertaining sort of malady, sort of like having a roller coaster in my head.

I canceled my flying lesson tomorrow, though, just because it didn't seem like a great idea to fly dizzy. I hated to, because I hadn't flown over the weekend, but better rusty than risky.

Posted by dichroic at September 27, 2004 06:15 PM
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